why parents should switch to organic clothes

Why Parents Should Switch To Organic Clothes

One of the greatest worries when bringing up babies is watching out so that they do no put anything harmful in their mouth. Babies will eat anything they come across, and when there is nothing in the reach, what they end up putting in the mouth are their clothes. Parents are careful when choosing food for the kids and the toys since they know that when playing they might end up sucking them. But how often do they consider the kind of clothes they put on their children keeping in mind that children put their clothes in the mouth too? The baby's skin is also very fragile to chemicals, which is another reason they should be protected from the toxic substance. One way to do so is dressing your child using organic clothes and accessories. The organic materials include bamboo, silk, and organic cotton. Besides protecting the kids from harmful exposure, here are more reasons people should switch to organic clothing.

Protects workers

The methods used on the cotton include cultivation, natural weed removal, and crop rotation. This means that there are no harmful products in the farm that might cause an unpleasant working condition for the workers which is a protective measure for the employees and their families.

Helps to protect the environment

Out of the chemicals sprayed, only a little amount works on the plant. The significant amount ends up in the soil which is harmful to the soil quality. This contributes to soil erosion because the ground gets weak due to the toxins, hence, easily carried away by the agents of erosion. It also kills all the soil nutrients. Organic clothes will contribute in making the land stronger. Moreover, water is not contaminated by the runoff from the farms to the river during rainy seasons; hence, it is a health booster. Hemp, which is used to make organic clothes, has long roots which prevent soil erosion.

They are durable

Many people may find organic clothes expensive on first buying, but what they do not know is that they are cost worth. The clothes last longer than the other synthetics before they start to wear out and that is a cost saver. The reason the clothes last longer than the usual cotton is that it does not go through production abuses before getting to the market like bleaching and spraying which might make the fiber weaker.

It supports an actual economy

The manufacturing process for these clothes does not require a significant amount of money because as stated, there is no use of pesticides. Moreover, with the pleasant working environment, there is better production which means increased income. For the economic supporters, this is a great move to show it. It produces more fiber per acre, and it can be renewed for up to three times.

When shopping for clothes, mothers should stop looking for the most colorful and stylish clothes in the market but instead look what is safe for the child. Another thing they should know is that there is a difference between what is labeled as natural and organic. When it comes to organic products, even the bleach and spray used on them are organic.

Organic clothes highly absorb moisture, unlike the natural synthetic. They are breathable which makes them suitable both for winter and summer seasons. With these two more advantages, no other material beats organic clothes. Get yourself organic clothes and enjoy the comfort every season of the year.

Why Parents Should Switch to Organic Clothes For Their Babies

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