The Best Co-Sleeper For In-Bed Sleeping BE LOVE kids

The Best Co-Sleeper For In-Bed Sleeping

For many mothers, the thought of sleeping away from their baby is enough to keep them up at night. Instead of putting the baby in a room of their own, they decide that co-sleeping is the right option. To keep their baby safe while in their bed, they decide that they need to find the best co-sleeper products for their little one.

For families that want to keep harmful toxins away from their infants, the Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper is a top choice. However, before we share why we adore the Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper over here at BE LOVE kids and why we think it is one of the best co-sleeper products, let’s discuss why co-sleeping is seen as a great option for many families.

The Benefits of Co-Sleeping

BE LOVE kids organic co-sleeper

While co-sleeping is the norm in many parts of the world, more and more parents in the western cultures are starting to implement co-sleeping habits when they welcome their new baby home.

Co-sleeping is the practice of parents and infants sharing a bed. While some parents worry about the risks, there are many known benefits to the method.

An important benefit of co-sleeping is that it helps to deepen the bond between mother and child during post-partum recovery. While Postnatal Depression rates are about 16% in western cultures, the occurrences are much lower in cultures where co-sleeping is the norm.

Co-sleeping also helps the baby feel secure which can lead to less crying and better sleep for both the parents and the baby. This increase feeling of security has been shown to extend beyond bedtime. Children from co-sleeping families tend to feel more secure when they are away from their parents in situations like daycare, school, or with a babysitter.  

For the nursing mom, co-sleeping can lead to an easier experience. This is because the mom can pick up on the hunger queues before the baby fully awakes. Babies whose needs are met before they awaken fully and start crying tend to fall back asleep faster. In turn, this allows the mom to get back to sleep quicker as well. Also, the mother does not need to leave the room or even the bed to nurse the child.

Another benefit of co-sleeping is that when done right, it can lower the chances of SIDS. A way to keep your baby safe while co-sleeping is to create them their own space within the bed. The Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper helps to do just that.

The Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper – A top option for the best co-sleeper products

The Best Co-Sleeper For In-Bed Sleeping BE LOVE kids

Developed by midwives and doulas, the Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper is designed to give babies and their parents a good night’s sleep.

The multi-use co-sleeper can be used for in-bed sleeping, supervised tummy time, and lounging around the house. The Sleepod can also easily be packed for trips giving babies and their parents a feeling of security when sleeping outside of the home.

Another great benefit of the Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper is that it is adjustable in size. The modifiable end allows the co-sleeper to grow with the infant until they reach about six months.

With an organic hemp cover, a hypoallergenic polyester-fill insert, and a mattress made of 100% organic wool, the Sleepod Co-Sleeper is perfect for any parent trying to keep toxins away from their infant. The co-sleeper is also free of flame retardants, PBA, and harmful phthalates.

If you are looking for the best co-sleeper for in-bed sleeping, the Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper is a smart choice. The Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper is available for purchase right here at BE LOVE kids.

At BE LOVE kids, we believe that natural and organic products are best for all children. If you want to learn more about the benefits of natural and organic products and how to choose the best for your family, you might also like:

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The Best Co-Sleeper For In Bed Sleeping BE LOVE kids

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