The benefits of organic clothing for babies

The Benefits of Organic Clothing For Babies

Many people don't understand the importance of organic clothing for children, purely because it hasn't been spoken about in the same vein as organic food.If you recognize the benefits of organic food, you'll certainly want to know a little more about organic clothing and why you should make the switchover for your kids. 

Basically, organic products have been produced with very minimal use of artificial enhancers such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. All organic products must meet strict guidelines, from the soil (in which they are grown) to the processing procedures (used while making the products).

The term “organic” is constantly growing in popularity among people, and major manufacturers have switched to production of certified organic products. ‘Organic’ should not be confused with ‘natural’, and that is why most people are unaware of what organic products entail. Unlike natural products, organic products are purely produced and processed without use of any artificial chemicals. In fact, organic clothes are some of the best products for children thanks to a myriad of benefits:

  1. Prevention of pesticide-related health disorders

The skin of a baby or any child under 5 years is more porous compared to adult’s skin. Due to this high level of fragility, baby’s skin is likely to absorb pesticides and other chemicals found in other non-organic clothing. Organic clothing becomes the better option for the kids, because they contain no man-made chemical additives. Thus, organic clothing prevents absorption of those harmful doses of carcinogenic pesticides.

  1. Prevention of exposure to toxins

Organic clothing uses cotton that has been produced through conventional methods. Pesticides/insecticides are not used. Safer methods such as physical weed removal and crop rotation are used, as well as using biological methods to control pests. Therefore, buying organic clothing for your children prevents exposure to toxins that may cause adverse side effects as the child grows up.

  1. Safer, stronger, cheaper, and feels great

Apart from being safer clothing for your baby, organic cotton fabric is highly durable and strong. It is worth your money, because it can withstand about 100 washes even before you can start seeing change to the fabric. Due to its careful processing, the organic cotton clothing offers a great feeling on the skin of your baby throughout the day.


benefits of organic clothing for babies

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