Do Fabrics Really Matter? BE LOVE kids organic kids clothing

Do Fabrics Really Matter? Four Reasons Why You Should Care About the Materials Your Clothes Are Made Of

Moms know that research is required before making any purchase in order to ensure that you get the best of the best for your bundle of joy, but this applies to far more than just the big-ticket items. One of the absolute necessities that every child needs is a solid wardrobe!

So how do you decide what to buy? When it comes down to it, the clothes we wear (and those we dress our children in) have a far greater impact on our lives than simply making a personal fashion statement.

Here’s the thing, fabric is not just fabric. Textiles (the materials that go into our clothing) come in all different sizes, styles, textures, colors, patterns, qualities, chemical exposures, price points, and more.

While the overall look has the biggest impression on those who just ‘see’ us, the individual pieces have a major impact on most aspects of our lives.

Here are four reasons why you should care about the materials your clothes are made of.

Reason #1 – Comfort

I know you want your sweet little ones to look super cute in whatever new items you purchase for them but being uncomfortable is always off trend.

Forget the phrase ‘beauty is pain’ and instead, find wardrobe pieces that your kiddos will be excited to put on when they get dressed in the morning. Look for 100% organic cotton that is light, breathes well and supports movement.

Both you and your child will literally ‘feel’ better knowing that you’ve build their wardrobe around comfortable clothing choices.

BE LOVE kids clothes are fashionable AND comfortable. This Organic Tie-Dye Romper is perfect for any little girl. Super comfy for the playground but totally cute for mom’s next Instagram post.

Reason #2 - Safety

Did you know that many fabrics contain harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, ammonia, and others? Yes, that’s right. Your clothing could actually be toxic. How awful is that!

Safety should not have to be considered when choosing what your child will wear the next day. Isn’t it enough work just getting them up and dressed in the morning?

Rather than purchasing items with heavy dyes and chemicals that you can actually smell when browsing through the stores (seriously, watch out for this the next time you shop – you’ll see what I mean), head straight to the organic clothing section that will help keep your most precious family members safe from exposure to toxic chemicals.

Take a peek at this super cute Organic Baby Sleeper (made of 100% organic cotton) that we know your little one would sleep like an angel in!

Reason #3 – Longevity

Kids are tough on clothes! Whether your child is a champion blueberry picker or just loves to roll around on the grass, their wardrobe is going to take a beating. If you have any plans for these items after their first wear (hand-me-downs anyone?) then you need to be sure that the clothes can keep up with your kids!

You’ll want to look for high quality fabrics that can stand up to the playground and a good washing, with colors that remain as intended and do not show instant signs of wear (pilling, stretching, etc.)

These Organic Toddler Joggers  (made out of 100% organic cotton) are perfect for the crawler who is hard on the knee area but needs the ability to move freely and comfortably. Oh, and it’s incredibly cute.

Reason #4 – Environment

Every purchase you make has some effect on the environment, even your clothes. Check out this quick fact from MIT, “A polyester shirt has more than double the carbon footprint of a cotton shirt.” Even with the additional water and land required to grow cotton, it’s still more environmentally friendly to purchase a cotton shirt over its polyester competitor.

If you care at all about the earth that we’re handing over to our children, you need to consider the impact that your decisions will have on our environment.

You matter. They matter. Make good purchases.

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 Do Fabrics Really Matter? BE LOVE kids organic cotton kids clothing

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