Best Organic Baby Food & Baby Cereal Brands BE LOVE kids

Best Organic Baby Food & Baby Cereal Brands

An exciting milestone for every parent is when their baby takes their first bite of solid foods. The expressions your child makes when they explore the new tastes and textures are ones to cherish for years to come. While the moment is a joyful one, deciding what to feed your infant can often be a stressful decision. Like a lot of parents, you might find yourself in the baby aisle asking, “How do I know if I’m selecting the best organic baby food and baby cereal brands for my infant?”

While the question might be common, the answer does not have to be a difficult one. To help you make sure you are making an informed choice when it comes to feeding your child, we at BE LOVE kids created a list of the best organic baby food and baby cereals brands. The list includes our top choices of cereal, jar, pouch, and frozen baby food options.

Why Buy Organic Baby Food and Baby Cereal?

Before we discuss which brands are best, let’s discuss why you should buy organic baby food and baby cereal. While eating organic foods should be a priority for all, it should be a top priority with your children.

The pesticides in fruits and vegetables have been shown to leave a higher level of toxins in children than adults. Research has shown two main reasons for these levels. The first being that infants and young children eat more than adults when in comparison to their body weight. The second reason is that pesticides can stay in a child’s body longer than an adult’s body due to the differences in their metabolisms.

Research has also shown that the effects of pesticides are more significant in infants and children than adults. This is because their nervous system, brain, and organs are still developing. The pesticides can impact their development and cause other health issues. Cancer, ADHD, depression, lower IQ, and respiratory problems are some of the 13 health risks scientists link to pesticide exposure.

When you select organic baby food and baby cereal brands, you are limiting your child’s exposure to harmful pesticides. The farming of organic foods is also better from the health of farmers and better for the environment.

Best Organic Baby Food & baby cereal Brands

Baby Cereals

The first solid foods that most doctors recommend giving to babies is cereal. While there are many varieties, the bases of baby cereals are typically made of either rice or whole grains.


Best Organic Baby Cereal Bio-Kinetics

The best organic baby cereal brand is Bio-Kinetics.

Bio-Kinetics – Bio-Kinetics is the best brand for organic baby cereal because it has the purest ingredients. Unlike other organic brands, Bio-Kinetics adds no additional ingredients outside of the organic sprouted flakes. For example, the rice version only has Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Flakes as an ingredient.

Five versions of Bio-Kinetics cereals are available including brown rice, buckwheat, oats, quinoa, and wheat. The cereal can be purchased online through the Bi-Kinetics website and on Amazon.

Purees – Jars

Jarred purees are the traditional option for baby food. With many options that contain just a single fruit or vegetable, they are often the best option when starting solids or testing for allergic reactions.

While there are many brands and flavor options to pick from, Beech-Nut Organics is the best options for the jarred organic baby food due to the pure ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

best organic baby food BE LOVE kids Beech Nut

Beech-Nut Organics – For a simple baby food option with no preservative or additives, Beech-Nut Organics is the perfect choice. Their recipes are simple, flavorful, and great combinations.

To make sure you know what is included in the recipe, specific flavors are labeled with “just”. This lets you know that the ingredients that are listed in the name on the front are an exact match to the ingredients listed on the back. The flavors without “just” are still organic and without fillers, but the ingredient list on the back contains more information about what’s inside. For example, the jars that include oatmeal will say oatmeal in the name but specify the grains used in the ingredients.

When purchasing online or at select retailers, be sure that you are selecting the jars labeled organic as Beech-Nut does also carry non-organic products.

Purees – Pouches

Baby food pouches have become an alternative to the jarred baby food. While the containers are not fully recyclable, the ability to easily pack and serve the purees has made pouches a popular choice.

When selecting pouches for your little one, be sure to purchase one of these organic baby food brands.

BE LOVE kids organic baby food pouch Sprout

Sprout – Available online and at retailers nationwide, Sprout is an excellent option for pouched organic baby food. Sprout only includes organic ingredients in their pouches. Besides a little organic lemon juice, there are no additives or preservative in the blends.

An added bonus of the Sprout line is the clear packaging. This packaging allows you to see the texture and color of what you will be feeding your baby before you open the pouch.

Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food Pouches

Ella’s Kitchen – Ella’s Kitchen is another great option for organic baby food pouches. The fruit and veggie blends bring together many flavors loved by children while introducing flavors not found in a lot of baby foods like papayas and parsnips.

Ella’s Kitchen also has a Textured Meals line that is designed to introduce even more flavors, spices, and textures to your child as they grow.

The Ella’s Kitchen pouches are available in both national and local stores throughout the country, and online through Amazon.


Frozen Foods

A lesser-known option for baby food is frozen foods. While they have become harder to find due to their decrease in popularity, if you are not going to make your own baby food, frozen baby foods are said to be the next best option. This is because the fruits and vegetables are cooked at a lower temperature when compared to the temperatures needed to prepare shelf-stable jars or pouches. While this makes them expire faster, it preserves more of the flavors and nutrients.

Yummy Spoonfuls and Bambino’s are two great options for frozen baby food.

Yummy Spoonfuls frozen organic baby food

Yummy Spoonfuls – Yummy Spoonfuls gives you the convenience pouched baby food mixed with the benefits of frozen. With many single-ingredient varieties, Yummy Spoonfuls allow you to introduce foods to your child one flavor at a time.

Yummy Spoonfuls products are available at Target.


Bambino's organic baby food

Bambino’s – Made from produce grown in Alaska’s untainted soil, Bambino’s ingredients are as pure as they come. In addition to fruit and vegetable options, Bambino is also unique in that is offers fish purees that are made from wild caught Alaskan salmon and halibut.

The baby food comes frozen in the shape of stars. With about three stars equaling a serving, you have the option of mixing flavors and creating meals that fit your child’s preferences. The frozen size and shape are also manageable for little hands to hold making them a treat for teething infants.

Bambino’s baby foods are only available for purchase online but use overnight shipping to deliver them frozen to your door.


What will you feed your baby?

There are many options available for when it comes to feeding your baby. Make sure you select an organic choice and one that you feel comfortable with the ingredients. We hope that you found our list of the best organic baby food and baby cereal brands useful when making your selection.

At BE LOVE kids, we believe that natural and organic products are best for all children. If you want to learn more about the benefits of natural and organic products and how to choose the best for your family, you might also like:

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Best Organic Baby Food & Baby Cereal Brands BE LOVE kids

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