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The Ultimate List Of Eco-Friendly Deals

Yay - we made the list!! Check out Avocado Living Magazine to see us featured on their top Black Friday deals that are all eco-friendly!  

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Do Fabrics Really Matter? BE LOVE kids organic kids clothing

Do Fabrics Really Matter? Four Reasons Why You Should Care About the Materials Your Clothes Are Made Of

Moms know that research is required before making any purchase in order to ensure that you get the best of the best for your bundle of joy, but this applies to far more than just the big-ticket items. One of the absolute necessities that every child needs is a solid wardrobe!

So how do you decide what to buy? When it comes down to it, the clothes we wear (and those we dress our children in) have a far greater impact on our lives than simply making a personal fashion statement.

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The Best Co-Sleeper For In-Bed Sleeping BE LOVE kids

The Best Co-Sleeper For In-Bed Sleeping

For many families, the thought of sleeping away from their baby is enough to keep them up at night. Instead of putting the baby in a room of their own, they decide that co-sleeping is the right option. To keep their baby safe while in their bed, they decide that they need to find the best co-sleeper products for their little one.

For families that want to keep harmful toxins away from the infants, the Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeper is a top choice. However, before we share why we adore the Organic Sleepod Co-Sleeping over here at BE love kids and think it is one of the best co-sleeper products, let’s discuss why co-sleeping is seen as a great option for many families.

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Best Organic Baby Food & Baby Cereal Brands BE LOVE kids

Best Organic Baby Food & Baby Cereal Brands

Why Buy Organic Baby Food and Baby Cereal?

Before we discuss which brands are best, let’s discuss why you should buy organic baby food and baby cereal. While eating organic foods should be a priority for all, it should be a top priority with your children.

The pesticides in fruits and vegetables have been shown to leave a higher level of toxins in children than adults. Research has shown two main reasons for these levels. The first being that infants and young children eat more than adults when in comparison to their body weight. The second reason is that pesticides can stay in a child’s body longer than an adult’s body due to the differences in their metabolisms.

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BE love kids Holiday Gift Guide Best Natural Gifts for Infants

Holiday Gift Guide Best Natural Gifts for Infants & Toddlers

The holiday season will soon be here. Whether you try to keep the holidays simple or go all out, one thing usually is true around the holidays: we strive to find the best gifts for the little ones in our lives.

To help guide your shopping this holiday season, BE love kids is pleased to share our top picks for the best organic and natural gifts for infants and toddlers. Spread cheer, not chemicals this holiday season by choosing natural and organic products for the precious ones in your life.

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Selecting the Best Natural & Organic Baby Laundry Detergent BE love kids

Selecting The Best Natural & Organic Baby Laundry Detergent

The endless task of doing laundry. While some enjoy it and others do not, it is bound to become a frequent chore when you become a parent. Between spit up, diaper accidents, food stains, and the unavoidable trip in the dirt, there always seems to be a load waiting to be laundered. As you wash away the mess, it is best to avoid the addition of harmful chemicals. This can be done by using natural or organic baby laundry detergent with each wash.

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How To Select The Best Natural Baby Products

How to Select the Best Natural Baby Products

Walk into any store, and you will find that many brands are entering the category of natural products. As consumers, we realize that natural products are better for our overall health. That is why as parents, we dedicate time searching for the best natural baby products for our little ones.
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BE love kids organic tee published in Daily Deals Coupon

We are published in Daily Deals Coupon!

Check out Daily Deals Coupon's favorite daily deals featuring our organic baby tee!
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Valentine's Day Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

Valentine's Day Gifts For Babies & Toddlers

So February 14th is rolling around again, one of BE love kids favorite holidays. Spreading love to children is our specialty!  Take advantage of this holiday by being present in the moment and giving your kids a little extra love and attention.
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Three organic items to protect your baby

3 Organic Items To Protect Your Baby

Finding out you are expecting is one of the happiest times in your life. You get the joy of bringing a little one into the world and teaching them all of the things they need to know to be able to succeed. When preparing for their arrival, you find yourself spending days, if not months, going over everything out there to try to determine what is in the best interest of your little one. With so many different products on the market today, it isn't always easy to determine what is going to be the best for your newborn. To help you along the way, consider some of the following.
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why parents should switch to organic clothes

Why Parents Should Switch To Organic Clothes

One of the greatest worries when bringing up babies is watching out so that they do no put anything harmful in their mouth. Babies will eat anything they come across, and when there is nothing within reach, what they end up putting in their mouth are their clothes. Parents are careful when choosing food and toys since they know that when playing they might end up sucking them. But how often do they consider the kind of clothes they put on their children knowing this goes in their mouths as well!
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The benefits of organic clothing for babies

The Benefits of Organic Clothing For Babies

Many people don't understand the importance of organic clothing for children, purely because it hasn't been spoken about in the same vein as organic food.If you recognize the benefits of organic food, you'll certainly want to know a little more about organic clothing and why you should make the switchover for your kids. 
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